What are ghosts?


Ghosts are departed souls who have lived and died on this Earth, but for some reason have elected or been forced to remain on this Earth plane after death. It is the belief of many that the intelligence and the emotions that made up who we were in this life survives the death process.

This energy may be considered as our souls, energy that can't be destroyed at death, but is transformed into another configuration. This energy is detectable with EMF meters that measures milligauss units. Since we can measure the physical energy emitted by these entities, we know that ghosts are not figments of our imagination as some skeptics suggest.

Earthbound ghosts

There may be 3 reasons as to why ghosts could become eartbound.

First, if we were happy, enjoyed life and led a normal balanced emotional life then at the time of death, we would see a tunnel of light/darkness which would lead us to our next realm of existence. However, if we were filled with angry emotions, bitter resentments or if we held negative feelings or emotions, we may be trapped here, anchored by our negative energies. Spirits may remain here until they are able to resolve or complete their mission.

Second, if we had unresolved issues or unfinished business we would want to stay until those issues or business concerns were taken care. For example, we may want to stay behind if we wanted to be sure that our spouse or children were handling the passing well. Also, suppose that a couple had been married for 50 years and one spouse died it would be likely for them to remain behind to watch over their loved one until it was time for that spouse to pass on.

Third, if a child dies and is afraid to enter the light they may stay behind. The child-spirit may want its mother and so will probably be searching for her by walking away from the light. Some ghostly incidents are child like and sometimes resemble pranks that may be played by children.

Should we be afraid of ghosts?

The most probable answer is "no". Some ghosts are simply lost or confused, looking for help. When they haunt our home, they are testing to see if they can trust us, to see if we will judge them, condemn them or label them as evil or demonic. If we treat them with respect, we will gain their trust and then we will be able to help them complete their mission or find their way home.

Fear is based on not knowing. In most cases, blessing a home has no effect on the spirits that dwell therein. They are not bound by the same belief systems that we operate under. Perhaps instead of trying to rid our home of ghosts, we should try to understand them and see if we could help them resolve their problems.