UF0's - Unidentified Flying Objects

What are UFO's?


The Unidentified Flying Object has been with us on a regular basis since the 1940's. Many have speculated as to what they are and where they come from. The world is braced to find out the truth about these craft. Read below and see what I (and surprisingly many people) believe are the origins of these craft.

Reference to visitation by craft of unconventional origin have been mentioned as far back as the 1800's, and some believe back even much further. As far as I am concerned none of those mentioned before that time are credible because there is no proof; no photography, no video and just hearsay. But since the 1940's there have been many sightings by credible witnesses and they can't be ignored. They have to be something, but what are they?

Some explanations


1. They are top secret aircraft being tested by our military.
This might be true especially for some of the objects sighted around top-secret military bases, but not all around the world. Anyway, no human pilot could withstand the g-forces that accompany objects when they make sharp right angle turns at thousands of miles an hour.

2. They are secret weapons being tested by the Russians
This is not a possibility for several reasons. Russia and especially its military are not capable of producing such a weapon. Second, they would be shot down if in American air space. Third, not even Russians could live through the g-forces that would accompany such speeds and maneuvers. Lets face facts. Being human, it is hard to keep secrets. Does anyone actually believe that the Russians or Americans could keep a lid on having such a potential weapon without having used it in more than 50 years.

3. Man made craft from a future time in our own history.
This could be a possibility if it were not for one thing. The entities on these craft really don't look human, at least the grays don't, and they are the majority of beings sited. One might argue that they have changed due to evolution, but evolution is a dead theory and there is nothing to substantiate it. And even our descendents would be bound by the laws of nature and time.

4. Craft from other dimensions.
This is possible and will be examined in the last category.

5. Craft from a lost civilization here on Earth, such as Atlantis.
Atlantians would not be able to avoid contact with all of the spy satellites and monitoring devices that the military's of the world have. They too would be bound by physics.

6. Space craft from other planets or galaxies.
This is a possibility but not probability. No UFO has ever been monitored entering the atmosphere from outer space. There is no evidence that other civilizations exist either. Any radio astronomer can tell us that he/she has never gotten any intelligent signal from the cosmos.

7. Craft operated by demonic entities - a supernatural force.
This is the most logical answer. For a further explanation read below.

Where are they from?

The Speed of Light:
The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. Our nearest neighbor star is 4.3 light years away. That means that, if the ship could travel at that tremendous speed it would take 4.3 years to get to Earth. Since the speed of light cannot be attained (theory says so) then we have to assume that it would take hundreds, if not thousands of years to reach the Earth from even the nearest neighbors. Rest assured that the only ones who have conquered the speed of light are the folks in Hollywood.

What About Radar:
No UFO has never been tracked on radar entering the Earth's atmosphere.

The Probabilities of Physical Similarities And The Number of Civilizations:
If there were, lets say, just 500 civilizations in our neighborhood of the galaxy. From that lets say that half of them (250) have some sort of civilization. Now, lets say that half of them (125) have reached the point where they could travel into space. Then, lets say that nearly half of them (62) have the ability of interstellar travel. We'll assume that they have conquered the speed of light problem. Okay, so how would they all evolve with the same basic characteristics as Human beings. All of the alien drawings that I have seen show beings with two arms, two legs, one neck, one head, two eyes and such. They all have a humanoid appearance. Would it not be safe to assume that separate civilizations in different star systems would have developed differently. Why for instance, don't some of the entities have 4 arms, or two heads and such. And why is it that no two UFO's look the same. How many civilizations are we dealing with anyway?

What About Physics?
Shouldn't the laws of gravity also apply to alien vessels? Why should these beings be able to suspend the laws of physics. That's a simple question to answer. Physics deals with scientific laws that pertain to the physical senses and the physical reality. Physics don't apply to aliens because they are not physical, they are spiritual.

Alien Abduction - A Social Preparation:
Why so many of those so-called abductions? Some suggest that it is to find out more about our physical form. Again, if a culture were so advanced as we are led to believe the aliens are, why could they not learn about humans by only abducting maybe 10 people total. Why does it have to be in the thousands or perhaps millions, as some suggest? Why are people abducted countless times instead of just a couple of times? With their sophistication they should be able to learn everything about a person in a mere two visits, like our IRS does.

Others suggest that they are here to study our society. I would think that the best way to study our society would be to tune into some of our television and radio frequencies. These aliens seem to want to keep their visits a secret as much as possible, so why abduct people that would become witnesses to their visits. They could just turn on the nightly news and find out all about humanity to the point of nausea.

Why do most abductions cause physical pain and mental anguish? If these beings are really concerned with humanity then why do the memories of the abductees cause such anguish? Why are they allowed to be awake while they are drilled into, probed and physically abused? Would kind and compassionate beings do such things without anesthesia?

New Visitors - Old Lies:
When humans are contacted by these entities, they are always given the same New Age rhetoric. I find it hard to believe that all of these supposed visitors from space came here to teach New Age garbage, especially when it is promoted so well in the newspaper, on the radio and television and taught so effectively in schools.

Always An Appearance That Fits The Times:
It is interesting to note that the sightings in the 1800s and in the 20th century often involve craft that are just a few years ahead of what man of that time was capable of. For instance, reports of strange craft, shaped like cigars and other things were reported in the late 19th and early 20th century. The craft were described as looking like long balloons with gondola's on the bottom, with portholes and people could be seen and even waved back at the amazed Earthlings. Not long after that time the blimp was invented. Why would beings who traveled billions of miles appearto men as men in a long balloon. Well, it is simply because if they would have appeared as aliens, people would have recognized them for what they are, demons, and would have fought back spiritually. They would have found resistance.

In the 20th century, when men were making rockets, exploring space and wondering if there was life on other worlds, then they started appearing like creatures from other worlds to satisfy the aspirations of men who were asking questions that feed the appetite of deceiving demonic angels. This is really nothing new. For countless centuries man has wanted to know about life after death, hence, the séance. So, the dearly departed are impostered by lying demons and the unsuspecting persons really thinks that their loved one is talking to them. Then, there is the every popular Ouiga Board. Ask it a question and it will spell out the supposed truth. Come on, if these entities are cunning enough to try to form a coup in Heaven against Almighty God they are surely capable of pushing a stupid little game piece around. Isn't it interesting how people can be schooled until they know the value of Pi to the millionth power, but they can be duped into believing a lie (and a stupid one at that) from a lying spirit. Pretty sad, huh?

Demons are fallen angels. Demons and angels have on occasion been able to transform themselves into physical form both human and animal. The Bible says "Satan himself can transform himself into an angel of light". It is true that anything made in the physical realm could not defy the laws of gravity. Some UFO's have been recorded as having disappeared into thin air. What is impossible in the physical realm is very possible in the spiritual realm.

Lets face it, the entities that inhabit UFO's act just like the demons. They are cold, unfeeling and are trying to prove God wrong. What more evidence does one need.

Abductees - A Common Thread:
Most abductees and contactees were involved in the occult practices before their contact with alien (demonic) beings. There is Whitley Streiber who authored "Communion". He is in supposed communication with entities on UFO's. He practiced meditation, which he attributes to his ability to communicate with these beings. Then there is Ruth Montgomery, the famous automatic writer who has written some things from alien spiritual beings. And why are abductions only remembered through hypnotism, which itself had its roots in mysticism.